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X Series Filter Elements

Filter Media Designed For Natural Gas
High quality compressed gas filtration starts with selecting the correct filter media. Xebec uses superior-quality filter media with a new hybrid technology. Xebec elements stop the perpetual discussion about the use of filter media with or without binders because they are layered with both types, tailored to the filtration task. The fine filter media is protected on both sides using a supporting fabric to increase both stability and reliability.

Pleated Filter Elements
Pleated filter elements provide significantly greater filtration volumes than non-pleated. The higher filter volume provides more void space for holding contaminants which reduces the differential pressure caused by retention of solid particles. The service life of the filter element increases proportionally which results in operating and maintenance cost savings.

Incorporated Drainage Media
The filter and drainage media are compacted between two stainless steel supporting cylinders, eliminating any potential detachment of the filter media. The drainage media is located inside the filter element, eliminating potential handling damage. The stainless steel cylinders have big, diamond-shaped openings for optimum flow conditions. Compared to punch-hole versions, their contribution to differential pressure is much lower and they are much more environmentally friendly because they are made from expanded sheet metal, i.e. without metal scrap during the production process.

2-Stage Dry-Type Separation
During dry-type separation with out-to-inside flow through the filter elements, the drainage media functions as a pre-filter stage, preventing coarse contaminants from entering the fine filter media. As a result, the differential pressure caused by contaminants is reduced and the service life of the filter is extended. As an additional advantage, the filter elements can also be used for wet type filtration.

Abrasion-free Activated Carbon Filter with 100% Activated Carbon
Both the filter element type and the cartridge type contain pure activated carbon granulate. The increased filling quantities contribute to a high separation performance and a long service life. Both the filter elements and the cartridges have an integrated general purpose filter element which significantly reduces the abrasion particles of the activated carbon. As a result, downstream dust filtration is not required, reducing installation, operation and maintenance costs.

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