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We at Midwest Energy Solutions Inc. can help you service your system to give better performance for you and the end user. With products designed for CNG, (not compressed air) we give you a full range of products to filter natural gas as well as Compressed Natural Gas.

CNG is natural gas that is highly compressed and stored in thick-walled steel, aluminum, or composite high-pressure storage containers. CNG is a clear and non-corrosive alternative transportation fuel for automobiles, trucks and buses. Its use is becoming more and more popular because it is less expensive than gasoline and it is far more friendly to the environment with reductions of CO2, nitrous-oxide, and particulate emissions. As a result, many governments financially encourage the conversion and use of this alternative fuel as an energy source.

The Problem

In NGV Fueling Stations, natural gas is taken from a pipeline and compressed to pressures ranging from 2000 psig up to 6000 psig. The resulting CNG is then stored in large tanks before making its way to a gas dispenser where it is ready for use in vehicles. CNG, like all fuels, experiences contamination as it travels from pipeline to dispenser. Like traditional fuels, solids collect during handling, water condenses in tanks, and compressor lube oils carry over into the CNG stream. Contaminants are also present within the delivery system that can lead to compressor fouling, vehicle fuel system repair, liquids in storage tanks, and gas dispenser replacement.

The Solution

Filters are essential for compressed natural gas treatment and are present throughout the treatment chain. CNG filters remove all types of solid and liquid contaminants in stages — large amounts of condensate and coarse contamination particles such as rust, abrasion particles, oil droplets, and dust in the first stages; fine oil mist and fine dust particles in subsequent stages. Compressed gas filters containing activated carbon also remove oil and oil vapour.

Filtration for CNG:


  • Dryers
  • Compressors
  • Storage Cascades
  • Dispensers

What Best in Class Looks Like

Surface Protection
The high-grade, cast aluminum filter housings (XL and XM series) are chromatized for corrosion protection and finished with an impact and abrasion-proof powder coating on the outer side. High pressure carbon steel housings (XH series) are manufactured by means of iron phosphate passivation and have a nickel-coated finish. This multi-layer surface protection ensures high resistance and a long service life.

Conformity with International Standards
The X Series has been performance validated according to ISO8573 quality standards and ISO test methods by IUTA, an independent verification body. All filters have been tested to ASME standards, are CRN pending and comply with EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC.

An Optimized Accessories Range – Perfectly Simple

  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Oil Indicators
  • Condensate drains
  • Assembly kits


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