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Vehicle Conversions

Over the last five years, Midwest Energy Solutions has performed hundreds of vehicle conversions in our shop and on customers’ property from:

  • Gasoline to CNG – dedicated (CNG-only) and bi-fuel (switch between CNG and gasoline fuel)
  • Gasoline to propane– dedicated (propane-only) and bi-fuel (switch between propane and gasoline fuel)
  • Diesel to Dual-Fuel (CNG + Diesel) for class 2 pickup to class 3 van up to class 8 tractor

MWES provides consulting services to fleets to recommend vehicle fuel system options. A wide choice of CNG vehicles are now available to purchase from the OEM or contract by a shipper or through a carrier or a leasing company. Or, there are several shops in many metropolitan areas that provide a conversion service for existing or new vehicles. MWES has trained several companies to install conversion kits. We’re just concentrating more on building infrastructure in this phase of building the market.

MWES understands and appreciates both ends of the dispenser:

From upstream of the nozzle through the fuel supply and utility source
connecting to
downstream of the vehicle fuel receptacle and injection into the engine

We appreciate and understand the reasons each end of the fuel system, from fuel supply to combustion in an engine, must complement each other and individually perform as expected.

Although there are many CNG choices within most vehicle categories, each vehicle fuel supply solution is unique, customized for each vehicle and then for each application. Click on the buttons below to investigate the type of fueling system(s) you may be able to use in your fleet.

Write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.