Upgrade of Existing Stations


Today, the more progressive fleet owners, operators, shippers and carriers are at least testing CNG as an alternative transportation fuel, with many companies and entire market sectors such as refuse, shuttle and transit who are committing a majority of their vehicle purchases with CNG fuel systems. Not surprisingly, several fleets invested in CNG stations in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s due to unrest in the Middle East. CNG station expansion were especially strong in municipal fleets and utility companies.

To companies that own legacy, poorly-built or otherwise insufficient CNG stations, and especially to those that are expanding beyond existing fuel capacity, MWES is a premiere build-sell-maintain (“BSM”) fuel supplier that can help. We are a distributor for most of the major CNG station component OEMs and have installed and maintained all types and sizes. We can replace or integrate portions of your existing equipment with newer more efficient and rightly-sized components then maintain the entire system. We are building a service van fleet equipped with weights and measures equipment to certify CNG dispensers in addition to providing proper equipment and Technicians to each job site for construction and maintenance services.

MWES is building a team of Construction Managers and Service Technicians to build and maintain private-access and public-access CNG stations for fleets and fuel providers. We are a certified and licensed General Contractor (“GC”), managing all trades (civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural) to install and maintain a safe, efficient and reliable CNG fueling stations. To private stations that may want to open up a public lane, MWES provides Point of Sale (“POS”) equipment and credit card transaction services. We provide fuel to the public and pay the station owner for natural gas, electricity plus a proportional return on their capital.

We’ll review your existing station equipment and your particular fleet’s needs and share our plans for building other public-access stations that may support your primary supply. We will upgrade your station to alleviate bottle-necks or completely replace some or all of the station components. Midwest Energy Solutions understands the fact that fleets have to get out when scheduled, and fuel supply can’t be a deterrent. We will perform and complete any upgrades or maintenance while minimizing downtime of fuel supply.

Whatever your fuel needs, Midwest Energy Solutions is your partner from start to finish.

Write or call to tell us about your fleet needs and MWES will provide a fuel-supply solution.