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Service Station Repair

Midwest Energy Solutions is building a team of Service Technicians with tools, parts supply and service vans to perform all of the periodic inspection, dispenser certification, preventive and repair maintenance to keep components in the best possible operating condition. We provide systematic inspections to hopefully detect and correct any incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects and we keep the equipment calibrated to consistently deliver the best fueling experience possible.

To optimize results and minimize costs, MWES typically has the fleet operator / site owner perform day-to-day checks of oil level, storage pressure and other minor tasks. However, we will also provide complete operations services where the customer wants nothing to do with the station equipment.

Depending on station size, utilization and component make-up, MWES provides weekly and bi-monthly site visits. We also provide pump and compressor overhauls and rebuild most all mechanical devices, including drier desiccant replacement and disposal throughout the life of your station.

MWES provides the skilled labor, Technicians, hired trade specialists, tools and consumables to complete the contracted preventive maintenance and repair services. MWES's preventive maintenance is designed for the specific equipment at each fueling station. The following is a summary of some of the maintenance tasks MWES is providing as part of an all-inclusive maintenance at a customer-owned station:

  1. Relieve crankcase pressure, check compressor oil level, add oil if necessary, remove used oil
  2. Record all gauge pressures
  3. Check system for leaks
  4. Drain liquids from inlet filter
  5. Drain liquids from recovery tank
  6. Check system for unusual noise or vibration
  7. Check drive belt alignment, tension & belt tensioner
  8. Torque all fasteners on compressor including flywheel
  9. Drain water from drop legs of relief valve manifolds
  10. Gas detector calibration
  11. Inspect & clean cooler fins, if applicable
  12. Change compressor oil and filter at recommended hour intervals
  13. Inspect and service all gas filter elements and o-rings
  14. Inspect safety relief valves (per NFPA 52, recertification needed in 2017)
  15. Inspect discharge check valve
  16. Check controls for proper operation and safety
  17. Check dispensers for proper operation and hose condition, replace filters as required
  18. Lubricate nozzles
  19. Verify that dispenser and POS are operating properly
  20. Check dryer for proper operation and condition, regenerate or replace as required, replace filters as required
  21. Perform scheduled maintenance, valve rebuilds, ring inspection/replacement, bearing inspection / replacement
  22. Provide service reports for site summarizing work completed, equipment operational status, upgrade recommendations and repairs needed
  23. Clean equipment
  24. Proper disposal of all drain oil/consumables

Clean and disinfect all human interfaces with the equipment.

Whatever the best-practice requirement to maintain and repair your fueling station equipment, MWES is equipped and staffed to provide the highest-quality service.

Write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.