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Transit Bus & Paratransit

Transporting people within and around our cities by public Transit bus is a business that’s been around for almost a century. Paratransit has evolved in more recent years for people who need extra help or special vehicles to accommodate wheel chairs, etc.

Public transportation helps people get to work, shop, play or visit friends and relatives without the cost of a personal vehicle cost, fuel, parking, insurance, maintenance, etc. Although providing a very valuable service, most municipalities struggle between affordable transportation and remaining solvent.

The compelling case:

Due to their continuous start-and-stop routes, Transit Bus and Paratransit vehicles are notorious for getting very low gas mileage from 3 to 15 MPG. Their routes typically serve just one area. Transit Bus and Paratransit vehicles typically use 20-100 gallons of fuel per day between 5 AM and 10 PM, then go back to their home base for preventive or repair maintenance, then typically sit for a couple of hours until 5 AM when the next shift begins. Paratransit are typically a good fit to share a nearby public-access fast-fill CNG station and Transit Bus fleets match better with private-access fast-fill CNG station.