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Shuttles & Taxis

Transporting people to and from airports, parking lots, hotels, into cities, to companies and to events is a hectic line of business. People want to get from point A to point B as safe, as fast, as comfortable as possible for the lowest cost possible.

The compelling case:

Due to their start-and-stop routes, Shuttles and Taxis are notorious for getting very low gas mileage from 5 to 10 MPG. Their routes typically serve an area of less than 50 mile radius, many times within a much smaller area. Taxis and Shuttles typically use 20-60 gallons of fuel per day respectively between 5 AM and midnight, then go back to their home base for preventive or repair maintenance, then typically sit for a few hours until 5 AM when the next shift begins. As such, they are a good fit to share a nearby public-access fast-fill CNG station or, if very large fleet, a dedicated private-access fast-fill CNG station. However, many Shuttle and Taxi companies host Private-Public stations for their fleet on the private side and the public on a fuel island located on the other side of their fence.