Fleets & Vehicles


Light- & Medium-Duty Service Vehicles

Every day, several million service vehicles wind their way through our city streets and neighborhoods to perform work such as plumbing, electrical, communications, flooring, roofing, vending, health care, laundry and hundreds of other services that make our lives more convenient and/or comfortable.

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Medium & Heavy-Duty Shippers & Carriers

The relationship between shippers (those that have goods to ship but don’t own trucks) and carriers (those that don’t make goods but rather ship goods for others) can sometimes be tense. However, both agree on remaining competitive and satisfying their end customer’s needs.

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Municipal & Utility

Municipal entities such as cities and counties as well as privately-owned regulated and deregulated utilities have all led in the transition in cleaning up the air with natural gas vehicles ever since the 1973 oil embargo when OPEC decided to raise the price of crude oil by 70% in response to U.S. aid to Israel.

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NGV Fuel Systems

There are three types of NGV fuel systems:

  • Dedicated: Vehicles designed to run only on natural gas.
  • Bi-fuel: Vehicles designed to run on EITHER natural gas or on gasoline.
  • Dual-fuel: Vehicles designed to run on BOTH natural gas and Diesel.

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NGV Models Available

Available Vehicles and Engines

The documents below cover aftermarket conversion systems that consumers and businesses may purchase in order to modify new or used vehicles so that they can operate on natural gas. Some of these systems may be ordered directly through automotive dealerships when placing an order for a new vehicle. However, all of the systems listed here are aftermarket from the standpoint that they are offered as modifications to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles.

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Refuse & Recycle

The Refuse and Recycle industry has changed significantly over the years in the way of worker / neighborhood safety and their overall reduced impact on the environment. Not only do Refuse and Recycle companies work under adverse conditions to remove and properly dispose of home, business and factory waste, many waste trucks are operating in our neighborhoods without the previous roaring Diesel engine sound as they start and stop at every address.

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Shuttles & Taxis

Transporting people to and from airports, parking lots, hotels, into cities, to companies and to events is a hectic line of business. People want to get from point A to point B as safe, as fast, as comfortable as possible for the lowest cost possible.

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Transit Bus & Paratransit

Transporting people within and around our cities by public Transit bus is a business that’s been around for almost a century. Paratransit has evolved in more recent years for people who need extra help or special vehicles to accommodate wheel chairs, etc.

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