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Starter Stations

Some fleets may feel they are large enough to justify their own CNG station or may not be ready to make a full-fleet commitment. Midwest Energy Solutions provides on-site CNG stations the compress anywhere from 0.4 GGE/hour to > 25 GGE/minute. We provide “starter stations” to small fleets or to fleets that may want to try a few CNG vehicles but not ready to commit to a full-scale transition. We will install and maintain an “appliance” to get your started. When you are ready to transition more vehicles, we can build a public-access fast-fill station nearby. When you reach full transition, we can build a larger fast-fill or time-fill station on your property to transition you back to on-site fuel supply at your major hubs or terminals.

Midwest Energy Solutions designed and installed this small private-access time-fill “Starter Station” for the City of Marion, IA Department of Public Works with plans to replace it with a full-scale fast-fill public- private-access station in 2014.

Write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.