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Private-Access Stations

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC), as of April 14, 2014 there are 671 CNG Stations that are built on private company land for their sole use (Private-Access Station) plus 687 available for public use (Public-Access Station).

Private-Access Stations:

Refueling on a private site isn’t common to most individual drivers, but is very common in the commercial fleet world. Fleets can install their own fuel tank (gasoline, Diesel and/or Bio-Diesel), buy in bulk, and have drivers or specifically-assigned people to do all the fueling. Or, these fleets can hire a petroleum fuel company to deliver fuel from a bulk trailer directly into the fleet of vehicles at their domicile fleet hub.

Private-access CNG stations have restricted access where the general public cannot refuel, only refueling vehicles owned or operated by the owner of that site. Development of private-access CNG stations is always driven by the host fleet to achieve sufficient fuel use needed to warrant investment in the station capital, operation and maintenance.

Private-access CNG stations may be a time-fill station and/or a fast-fill station depending on the fleet’s refueling needs. These stations are typically less expensive from a capital investment standpoint due to the lack of need for the public-access card reader dispenser. Additionally, in the case of a time-fill private-access station, they require a smaller compressor typically operated during off-peak hours to result in a lower cost of CNG per GGE than from refueling at public-access CNG stations.

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