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Off-Grid & Uninterruptable Systems

Off-grid or uninterruptable CNG stations are needed in cases where the electrical utility is not reliable. They are also necessary where the 100% availability of CNG fuel clearly justifies the additional expense such as a medical or emergency fleet, a 100% Dedicated CNG fleet with 24/7 operations, etc.

Off-grid CNG stations can include a natural gas gen-set system that uses the same feed-gas in a unit that generates its own electricity to drive the electric motors on the compressor.

MWES can also include a natural gas engine that drives the compressor with mechanical energy instead of electric energy.

Finally, MWES can include a solar array, wind or other renewal source to power the CNG station’s low-voltage needs of lighting, point of sale, computer and other requirements.

100% availability is critical to some applications, and MWES’ customized designs accommodate any fleet’s needs. Write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.