Fleet Fueling Stations


CNG Fuel from Midwest Energy Solutions provides a significant competitive advantage to our customers by providing:

  • Fuel supply, customized stations, network connectivity
  • Multi-year fueling contracts to protect fleets from volatile gasoline or Diesel prices
  • Help investigate/justify purchasing, operating, leasing or maintaining CNG vehicles
  • Co-commit to nearby or networked public-access stations with $0 customer investment
  • Turn-key installation and management of on-site and $0-cost-to-customer stations
  • Facilitate transition from on-site time-fill trial to off-site fast-fill transition and back to on-site fast-fill private-access fueling solutions as appropriate…each fleet’s needs are different
  • Turn-key installation and management of on-site customer-owned stations
  • Full range of customized stations from:
    • 0.4 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) per hour single sedan time-fill
      • Dozens of configurations in-between
    • Up to 20+ GGE per minute public- or private-access fast-fill or ultra-fast-fill station

We’ll build it on your property for any flow rate you request, but when you use the public-access network MWES is developing over the next couple of years you will get the fastest available refueling experience for the lowest possible cost.

Click on the links below to check out the type of CNG stations MWES can provide to your fleet. Or, write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.



A “fast-fill” CNG station refers to one that dispenses CNG at a rate similar to what people experience when they refuel with gasoline or Diesel at a public-access gasoline/Diesel station. These flow rates usually range between 3-6 GGE per minute which distinguishes FF from a “time-fill” CNG station which typically fills each of a group of vehicles over night in 4-12 hours.

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CNG operators are familiar with “fast-fill” CNG stations (fills vehicles in minutes) vs. “time-fill” CNG stations (fills vehicles in hours). A relatively new term, “ultra-fast-fill”, refers to stations that dispense CNG at a rate similar to what truckers experience when they refuel at an ultra-fast Diesel at a truck stop. These flow rates usually range between 10-15 GGE per minute with peak flow (during the first minute filling an empty vehicle tank) of 20-40 GGE per minute. At the higher end of the peak flow rate of ultra-fast-fill CNG stations, filling time is restricted by the receptacle, piping and components on the truck’s fueling system.

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A “time-fill” CNG station refers to one that dispenses CNG to a group of off-duty vehicles, typically over night in a 4-12 hour timeframe. Most time-fill CNG stations fuel light-duty or medium-duty service vehicles, delivery trucks, vans, and automobiles that arrive at a centralized hub after their day’s service is complete, and after maintenance or restocking is complete the vehicle sits in a lot waiting for the next shift. Time-fill is very popular in the refuse and recycle industry as well as municipalities and other fleets that have sufficient down time. Time-fill stations can also work for lower volume applications such as a home fueling appliance or small business appliance.

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Public-Access Stations

Public-access CNG stations are just that, refueling stations accessible by the general public. These stations may be operated by a corporate or independent fuel retailer, a utility company or another fleet (see “Combo-Stations”). Development of public-access CNG stations is usually driven by anchor fleet and/or the ability to “pool” fleets to achieve sufficient fuel use needed to warrant investment in the station capital, operation and maintenance.

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Private-Access Stations

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC), as of April 14, 2014 there are 671 CNG Stations that are built on private company land for their sole use (Private-Access Station) plus 687 available for public use (Public-Access Station).

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Combo Public-Private Stations

“Combo Stations” refer to the growing trend for private-access CNG stations where the host CNG fleet operator allows the CNG station provider to pipeline some of the CNG “over the fence” to a public-access refueling island. This configuration takes advantage of economies of scale for the host fleet operator to reduce his costs even further and it promotes an expanded public refueling network.

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Starter Stations

Some fleets may feel they are large enough to justify their own CNG station or may not be ready to make a full-fleet commitment. Midwest Energy Solutions provides on-site CNG stations the compress anywhere from 0.4 GGE/hour to > 25 GGE/minute. We provide “starter stations” to small fleets or to fleets that may want to try a few CNG vehicles but not ready to commit to a full-scale transition. We will install and maintain an “appliance” to get your started. When you are ready to transition more vehicles, we can build a public-access fast-fill station nearby. When you reach full transition, we can build a larger fast-fill or time-fill station on your property to transition you back to on-site fuel supply at your major hubs or terminals.

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Off-Grid & Uninterruptable Systems

Off-grid or uninterruptable CNG stations are needed in cases where the electrical utility is not reliable. They are also necessary where the 100% availability of CNG fuel clearly justifies the additional expense such as a medical or emergency fleet, a 100% Dedicated CNG fleet with 24/7 operations, etc.

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