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Midwest Energy Solutions History


Midwest Energy Solutions was founded in 2009. The passion is to help drive the vast movement in the U.S. toward domestically-based alternative energy sources that also result in lower emissions.

MWES started converting traditionally-fueled gasoline vehicles into alternatively-fueled vehicles in three forms using hydrogen (fuel cell or Internal Combustion Engine); propane (LPG); and compressed natural gas (CNG) as a Dedicated or Bi-Fuel. Later in 2009 MWES installed and dynamometer tested Diesel engines that ran as a Dual-Fuel. While Propane has its benefits over gasoline and Diesel, CNG became the clear winner for our customers in the form of consistent fuel savings for vehicles that use a higher volume of fuel. Although many experts argue that Hydrogen is the ultimate vehicle fuel, it is probably years away from being commercially-viable. Completing a network of CNG stations paves the way for a gaseous fuel economy and facilitates transition to Hydrogen if and when that becomes commercially-viable. In the early stages of growing the vehicle conversion market, MWES took a wider view of alternative energy, became certified in the Wind and Solar energy field and consulted on products and services. However, with the significant drop in the cost of natural gas through horizontal drilling technologies, wind and solar became too expensive, returning our focus on the obvious fuel for the next couple of decades to drive us out of oil import addiction …CNG!

Our customers loved the results with vehicles converted to run on alternative fuels, especially as gas and Diesel prices rose above $3.00 per gallon. However, they needed more convenient places to fuel. Our customers that shifted to Propane a few years back have been happy with their conversions as well, but the supply shortage and price spike of Propane in Jan/Feb 2014 drove many back to considering CNG as the best long-term investment for their fleets. Simply put, changes in the natural gas commodity price have much less of an affect on the price of CNG in your tank since only about 30% of the cost of CNG is natural gas, the majority being invested in station infrastructure. As the current CNG infrastructure build-out expands, it is expected that station and vehicle costs will reduce further. MWES is investing our resources into leading our customers toward the best choice of fuels at their base hubs of operation and along their routes or shipping lanes.

For public-access fueling, most of the CNG infrastructure has been taking place on the West Coast and East Coast plus a few other States such as Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin and Utah that offer large financial incentives to build stations and convert vehicles. However, there was little effort to build CNG stations in the central U.S. In response to the need for a “hub and spoke” fleet fueling infrastructure, MWES has taken a leading role to develop the CNG fueling market by consulting, engineering, procuring, installing, maintaining and eventually upgrading CNG fueling stations as volume requirements grow and as new technologies are proven to improve performance. MWES is already know for their CNG stations that fuel as quick or quicker than gasoline or even "Ultra-Fast Diesel" saving your drivers valuable fueling time, just one of the benefits that set us apart from other major fuel providers.

MWES headquarters is located in Platte City, MO on the north side of the Kansas City metro area. This site also includes parts inventory and a vehicle conversion shop. We also have our operations, engineering and sales office in neighboring Kansas City, KS from which we manage day-to-day opportunities, projects and maintenance throughout the region.

Mission Statement

To deliver high value by providing convenient, reliable solutions for our customers and business partners. We offer best-in-class ultra-fast-fill, fast-fill and time-fill fueling along with all types of fuel for fleet operators at pricing that facilitates rapid vehicle payback and continued fleet savings.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a national refueling partner with fleet owners and operators by providing customized fueling solutions unmatched in the industry.

Midwest Energy Solutions is known for:

  • Ultra-fast-fill, fast-fill and time-fill CNG stations and CNG fuel supply
  • Experienced, professional management team with substantial industry and company experience
  • Personalized attention to each customer
  • Productive, professional Service Technicians who are safety conscious and performance driven
  • Leadership in technology
  • Certification for retail CNG dispensing
  • Licensed General Contractor

Midwest Energy Solutions has consistently developed CNG stations that outperform others' and now works on all types of compressors and pumps to make sure they last the long haul.

Write to us and let us know how we can help your investigation and serve your needs.