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Customized Station Construction & Solar Solutions

Midwest Energy Solutions (MWES) utilizes several authorized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to form fully-engineered complementary components to create best-in-class service stations with parts and services. We don’t design around the lowest-cost components but rather create robust systems providing a full range of flows customized for each location. For all types of fuels including alternative green fuels.


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Service Station Repair

We service and build private and public-access stations for fleets that intend to start, or continue building, any fuel including alternative fuels.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to fleets to recommend vehicle fuel system options. A wide choice of CNG vehicles are now available to purchase from the OEM.

Solar Array Installation

We are here to identify and implement energy-saving measures to help you conserve by customizing a solar solution and develop cost-saving strategies unique to your needs.

Solar Installations
Stations Constructed
Vehicles Converted

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