MWES Services


Construction & Roofing Division

Midwest Energy Solutions’ Construction Division is a licensed, Class A, General Contractor that can install and repair all styles of roofing, siding, gutters, windows, doors and more!

Our crews have over 30 years of installation experience.

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Solar Arrays

Midwest Energy Solutions is here to identify and implement energy-saving measures to help you conserve by customizing a solar solution and develop cost-saving strategies unique to your needs. We can examine your residential, commercial or agricultural systems needs and engineer, install or sell kits that will make you more energy efficient. We offer 13 lines of solar, two styles of racking and many ways to convert and sync in the power to the grid. Please contact us so we can develop a solution for you!

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Station Projects

MWES is investing the capital to building private-access and public-access CNG stations for fleets who intend to start, or continue building, a CNG fleet. We are a certified and licensed General Contractor (“GC”), managing all trades (civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural) to install and maintain a safe, efficient and reliable CNG fueling stations. Options include:

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Preventive & Repair Maintenance

Midwest Energy Solutions is building a team of Service Technicians with tools, parts supply and CNG service vans to perform all of the periodic inspection, certification, preventive and repair maintenance to keep components in the best possible operating condition.  We provide systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects and we keep the equipment calibrated to consistently deliver the lowest-cost fuel possible.

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Dispenser Certification

The U.S.A. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) requires retail fueling stations to closely monitor and maintain their instruments that measure taxable fuel volume.

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Consulting Services

MWES provides consulting services to fleets to recommend vehicle fuel system options. A wide choice of CNG vehicles are now available to purchase from the OEM or contract by a shipper or through a carrier or a leasing company. Or, there are several shops in many metropolitan areas that provide a conversion service for existing or new vehicles. MWES has trained several companies to install conversion kits. We’re just concentrating more on building infrastructure in this phase of building the market.

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